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Branding System PRO is anchored in the belief that great brands are built in the image of the person(s) in leadership. We are excited to work with entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating the right personal brand.

How it all got started


Hello my name is Todd Gragg and in 2005 I made my living as an insurance agent. I had just gotten into the industry and had no idea how difficult it would be. I’ve spent my entire professional career in sales and really enjoy it and thought the insurance industry would be a logical career path. What I experienced was not at all what I expected. Upon getting my insurance license I took a job with a large national insurance company. I found myself in an office two days a week calling bad leads and the other three days in the field running appointments. The leads provided were terrible and ironically the company called them “hot leads”.

Well, needless to say the entrepreneur in me knew there had to be a better and more efficient way to have success generating leads and the current model I found myself in was not working for me. Honestly I knew after about three weeks I needed to make a change and I did.


So, after only a few weeks as a licensed insurance agent I set out on my own door knocking and pounding the pavement. For those of you who do not have a sales background this is referred to as “cold calling”. In the sales profession cold calling is the toughest type of sales. You are approaching total strangers in an attempt to sell your goods or services. The first year being on my own was tough but I learned so much. After the first year I started purchasing insurance leads. This made things easier and allowed me to not have to cold call but the leads were expensive.


At this point I had two options I could cold call and eliminate my lead cost or I could purchase expensive leads. Well, again the entrepreneur in me knew there had to be a better way. One day while online I came across some information regarding generating your own leads. This idea grabbed my attention and I began to Google everything I could find on the subject. I eventually found a workshop that sounded promising where online lead generation was the topic. This workshop wasn’t cheap but I sacrificed and made the investment in my business and myself.


As I became more and more proficient at generating leads I began sharing what I’d learned with other insurance agents and soon realized these strategies would work in any industry. I eventually became the go-to guy for lead generation and this is how Branding System PRO started.

Personal Branding



Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. The personal-branding concept suggests that success comes from self-packaging. "Your brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you." Branding has reached a new level of importance because of the rise of the Internet. The growth of the virtual world created the necessity of managing one's own personal brand.


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