Black In Asheville 2 Years Later

Two Years Later: Reflecting on “Black In Asheville”

Two years ago, “Black In Asheville” made its debut, shedding light on the rich and often overlooked Black history of Asheville, North Carolina. Originally conceived as a short YouTube video, the project quickly evolved into a full-fledged documentary. This transformation was driven by the wealth of information and the willingness of the community to share their stories.

The Unexpected Evolution

The journey began with a simple idea: create a short video highlighting key aspects of Asheville’s Black history. However, as research commenced and more people got involved, it became clear that a short film would not suffice. The depth and breadth of the stories uncovered demanded a longer format. What started as a modest project soon blossomed into a comprehensive documentary.

Community Involvement

The community’s involvement was instrumental in the project’s expansion. Historians, educators, and local residents eagerly contributed their knowledge and experiences. Their input provided a rich tapestry of narratives that showcased the resilience, struggles, and triumphs of Asheville’s Black community.

This collective effort underscored the importance of preserving and honoring this history. It was apparent that these stories could not be condensed into a mere short film without losing their essence and impact.

A Story Worth Telling

“Black In Asheville” took 10 months to complete, a testament to the dedication and meticulous effort put into capturing the history authentically. The documentary has been met with widespread acclaim within the Asheville community. Support poured in from various quarters, including the University of North Carolina Asheville, The City of Asheville, Asheville City Schools, the Asheville Rotary Club, and numerous churches and civic organizations.

Community Reception and Impact

The documentary’s reception highlighted a significant takeaway: people are genuinely interested in these important stories. The support and positive feedback from the community underscored a collective recognition of the importance of understanding and preserving local Black history.

Continuing the Legacy

Two years later, “Black In Asheville” continues to resonate with viewers, serving as both an educational resource and a catalyst for ongoing discussions about race, history, and community in Asheville. The documentary not only honors the past but also inspires future generations to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse histories that shape their communities.

As we reflect on the journey of “Black In Asheville,” it is clear that the decision to expand from a short video to a full documentary was not just fitting but necessary. This project stands as a powerful reminder of the rich tapestry of stories that comprise our shared history, deserving of both recognition and remembrance.

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